If you have never  paragliding and  want to try a new experience, then tandem  paraglider is the perfect way.

As you will be accompanied by a paraglider  instructor at all times no need of previous flying experience is necessary. The tandem  paraglider has been specifically built to carry the weight of two people, the instructor and the passenger.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can sort out any doubts before you take  ” the jump “

To carry out a tandem flight the passenger doesn’t need previous experience, people of any age over 14 years old can enjoy an emotional flight.

MallorcaFly offers all the necessary latest authorised equipment  needed  for your flight.

– Comfortable clothes and if possible walking shoes or trainers.

– Sunglasses (if you normally use them)

–Sun cream protector ( days of high radiation )

– Wiling to fly and have a good time !!!!

MallorcaFly’s main flight area is Alcudia. Thanks to its two beaches it offers optimal conditions for this sport moreover the landscape is spectacular being able to fly over the mountains, sea and beaches.

Tandem flight can be carried out with a breeze between 0 and 30 km/h. These are the normal conditions in Mallorca during the summer months, (July/August )

All flights and reservations depend on weather conditions.

The passenger goes in front of the instructor,  for various reasons but mainly so that the passenger is more comfortable and has more mobility moreover the instructor has more control to pilot the glider from behind.

Yes, with no problem, the effects of vertigo disappear when ground reference is lost.

If you suffer vertigo please let us know so we can advise you accordingly in a personalised manner.

To take off all you need to do are a couple of steps and before you know it you will be flying, you don’t have to jump off the side of the mountain, the wind takes you up gently.

There is no impact on landing you simply take a couple of steps equaling speed to the ground and then stop .

Mallorcafly has the latest harnesses so that the passenger is in the same position as if sitting in a chair.

Your hands are free so as to be able to feel the flight.

This is not usual, generally if you don’t suffer travel sickness you should not suffer paragliding. It is not recommended to eat or drink before flying

To be able to carry out this activity the minimum age authorised is 14 years old.

There is no maximum age limit, it is sufficient to tell upon making a reservation if the person is elderly so we have information of their physical condition

Weight is important at the time of booking, depending on your weight you will assigned times of more or less wind for each person.  Weight between 45 and 90 kgs. is not given special attention, above or below we should be informed so as to be able to assign an appropriate day for your flight.

This has nothing to do with the resistance of materials but is to enable you to fly the desired time.

To fly you must have a reservation, above all during holidays, public holidays or weekends.

All you have to do is contact us by: Telephone , Email, WhatsApp, FaceBook , Instagram … and we will make an appointment for you.

We have a meeting point in the area of Alcudia near the taking off area (we normally send a location point).

Our van will pick you up and drive you to the take off area and also pick you up at the landing area and driven back to the meeting point.

If you live or are staying in Alcudia then we can take you to your house or hotel.

All transport to and from take off/landing areas is included without any additional cost.

We must highlight that we depend 100% on the weather conditions so times cannot be precise but we normally fly from midday until 18.00 hours approximately.

We always confirm times by telephone the day before the flight.

We always have space in the van for people who accompany passengers  and in the case of several people coming with someone the access to the take off area is open to the public so anybody  can follow us up in their own car.

Payment can be made the day of the activity directly to the instructor in cash or by credit/debit card.

Or when you are buying a flight on our webpage you have the option of paying through PayPal or bank transfer.

We also have the option of Gift Vouchers to give someone a special day.

If you want your emotional flight to be recorded on full HD video we have cameras and security equipment so no damage will be done and the pilot won’t be hindered piloting the paraglider.

We will give you a direct personal link so that you can download the video and enjoy your emotional flight with your friends.

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