Paratrike flight Mallorca

You will be able to live an exciting adventure when you fly in a tandem Paratrike and enjoy the impressive views of Mallorca. Our flights will allow you to enjoy panoramic views of sandy beaches, cliffs and a crystalline sea. In addition, our experienced pilots will ensure you a safe and exciting experience.

Don’t miss the opportunity to live this unique experience with MallorcaFly !

¡You too can enjoy these

incredible colors of the water of Mallorca!

“ Get up in the clouds and discover the world from above ”

The tandem paratrike flight is an exciting way to experience the panoramic view of a place from a unique perspective. It consists of an air vehicle with a paragliding structure plus an engine that allows it to reach moderate heights and maintain flight.

In flight, the passenger has the opportunity to enjoy impressive views of the natural landscapes, the beaches, cliffs, the sea….. The flights can last from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the route and the place. During the flight, the passenger will have the opportunity to make a video while enjoying the flight.

We are located in the south of Mallorca, so the flights are carried out over the cliffs and the crystalline waters of Cala Pi, S’Estañol, Es Trenc… with a magnificent view of Cabrera located right on our horizon looking at the sea.

In summary, a tandem Paratrike flight is an exciting way to experience the views of a place from a unique and privileged position, it is safe and controlled by an experienced Instructor. It is an excellent option for those looking for an exciting adventure.

Frequent questions

We clarify all your doubts so that you can take the ” the jump “

To carry out a tandem-flight motor, the passenger does not need any type of experience, anyone can fly from children to the elderly.

MallorcaFly offers you all the necessary material for the flight, with state-of-the-art, certified paragliders

You must bring:

– Comfortable clothing and, if possible, hiking or sports boots.

– Sunglasses (if you wear them normally)

– Sun protection (days with a lot of radiation)

-Warm clothing (winter days)

– Want to fly and have fun !!!!

The flying area is located in the south of the island of Mallorca where we have optimal conditions to practice this sport throughout the year. We will also find a landscape where we can enjoy the contrast of the cultivated fields of the plain with the crystalline waters and extensive beaches of the southern part of the island.

The Paratrike allows us to fly with a breeze between 0 and 20 km/h. By carrying out the assisted flight of an engine we can carry out the activity throughout the year. Mainly, the activity can be carried out first thing in the morning and late in the day. These are the best hours to enjoy good sunlight in the morning and at sunset.

The activity can be done all year long, it is always subject to favorable weather conditions for the flight.

The passenger goes in front and the instructor goes behind, for various reasons but above all so that the passenger is more comfortable and has a greater field of vision ,he can move more freely, and the instructor has more control of the glider by flying behind.

Yes there is no problem.When taking off the vertigo disappears since the ground reference is lost and this sensation is not created.

In case you suffer from vertigo, let us know to know what degree and to be able to advise you in a Personalized way.

For takeoff you don’t have to do anything, since you’re comfortably seated on the seater trike and you just have to maintain the position indicated by the instructor and before you know it you’ll be flying.

When taking off you don’t jump into the void, we don’t have to run, the engine and the wind lift us up.

There is no impact on landing. The trike has wheels like an airplane, therefore, we will simply land on the ground and brake.

Mallorcafly has state-of-the-art harnesses in which the flight position is literally that of sitting in an armchair.

Leaving your hands free to feel the wind and if you want to be able to make video recordings with our adapted cameras.

It is unlikely, in general, if you do not get car sick you will not do it paragliding. For more safety, it is not recommended to eat or drink excessively before the flight.

To be able to do this activity you need a minimum age of 14 years with the authorization of a legal guardian.

As for the maximum age we have no limitation, it is enough to comment on it when booking if it is an older person to have data on their physical condition.

The weight is something important when booking, depending on the weight we will assign hours of more or less wind to each person. A range of weights between 45 kg and 95 kg, let’s say that it is a weight that we will not pay any special attention to. Above or below these weights I communicated it to us.

All this is not a matter of material resistance, but of being able to fly comfortably.

To fly we need to have a reservation, especially on vacation dates, holidays and weekends.

Simply, contact us by: Telephone, Email, WhatsApp … And we will make an appointment.

We respond to all requests, but in summer be patient if we take time to respond, as we tend to have a high demand and it is not possible for us to accept new clients.

We have our meeting point at the Son Albertí Aerodrome where we will take off and land.

It is located in the South of Mallorca, thus the flights are carried out over the cliffs and the crystal clear waters of Cala Pi, S’Estañol, Es Trenc... with a magnificent view of Cabrera located right on our horizon looking at the sea.

Your family or friends will be able to enter, watch/record and share the experience with you.

We must emphasize that we depend one hundred percent on the wind, therefore, the schedules are not exact, but as a general rule we fly in the morning between 7-11 a.m. and in the afternoon between 6-9 p.m. (summer) in winter it varies, but normally it is the first hours at dawn and the last hours of the day avoiding the central part of the day due to the breezes.

Depending on the forecast and the time of year, the schedules may vary, but don’t worry because we always reconfirm schedules by phone one day before the reservation, in case we have to adjust.

Yes of course. Your companions will enter and see how we prepare everything and you carry out the takeoff and landing. A good experience if it is shared is always better !

Regarding the payment, it can be made directly on the day of the activity to the instructor in cash.

Or buy the flight through our website by PayPal or bank transfer. We also have the option of giving a “Gift Voucher” for that special person to whom you want to give an unforgettable experience.

It does opt for complementing the flight with a full HD video. We have cameras and security equipment so that they cannot cause any damage or hinder the piloting of the paraglider.

In this case we will provide you with a direct (personal) download link so that you can download the video in full quality, so that you can enjoy it with your friends.

Enjoy this magical experience

We offer à la carte flights, ask us!