Discover the Thrill of Paragliding in Mallorca

If you’re seeking an exhilarating experience on the beautiful island of Mallorca, look no further than paragliding in Mallorca. With our thrilling paragliding adventures, we offer you the chance to soar above some of the island’s most breathtaking landscapes. Get ready for a unique experience filled with adrenaline and natural beauty.

Tandem Paragliding in Mallorca – The Adventure You’ve Been Waiting For

Tandem paragliding in Mallorca stands as one of the most thrilling activities you can engage in on the island. It will take you to new heights, providing unparalleled panoramic views of Mallorca’s coastline and interior. We highly recommend paratrike for experiencing this activity any time of the year. Our highly qualified instructors will guide you through a safe and exhilarating flight, ensuring an unforgettable


Why Choose Paragliding in Mallorca?

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Unmatched Landscapes

Mallorca is renowned for its stunning landscapes, best appreciated from the sky. Through paragliding in Mallorca, you’ll witness crystal-clear beaches, majestic mountains, and lush green fields like never before.

Gift or Live the Experience

Our paragliding flights in Mallorca are designed to cater to both experienced adventurers and beginners. We offer options for all skill levels, from relaxing paramotor flights over Mallorca’s crystal-clear waters to high-adrenaline flights with acrobatic maneuvers. There’s nothing better than gifting such a unique experience.

High-Quality Equipment

We take pride in offering the finest paragliding equipment in Mallorca. Our wings and harnesses are designed for safety and comfort, ensuring an optimal flight experience.

What to Expect from Paragliding in Mallorca?

Paragliding in Mallorca is a unique and unforgettable experience that will leave a lasting impression. From the moment you arrive at the takeoff zone to the landing, you’ll experience incredible sensations you’ll cherish forever. Here’s what to expect:

– Before the flight: The instructor will provide a brief explanation about paragliding operations, safety measures, and the flight’s progression. You’ll gear up with a helmet, harness, and parachute, connecting to the instructor. Together, you’ll run a few meters down the slope until the paraglider inflates, lifting you into the air.

– During the flight: You’ll feel a mix of excitement, freedom, and tranquility as you soar through the sky. Enjoy breathtaking views of Mallorca from a different perspective and feel the breeze on your face. The instructor will narrate the scenery, and you’ll have the option to capture the moment with a GoPro. If you’ve requested acrobatic maneuvers, the instructor will perform turns, spirals, or dives, racing your heart.

– After the flight: You’ll gently land in the landing zone and return to the meeting point.

Why Wait to Paraglide in Mallorca?

Don’t wait any longer to experience the thrill of paragliding. Whether you’re vacationing on the island or a local resident, this is your chance to discover Mallorca from an entirely new perspective. Book your paragliding flight in Mallorca today and get ready to soar high!

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