Our company specializes in carrying out tandem flights so that anybody can get to know this sport and everyone can enjoy it.

Our flights are held in a priviledged area of the island, Alcudia, where breathtaking views of the two beaches in the north of the island cen be appreciated at the same time as the mountains in the ‘Sierra de Tramuntana’. The contrasting landscape in this area of the island is unique in Mallorca and for this reason a tandem flight in this area is an experience never to be forgotten and we would love to share with you

MallorcaFly is part of ‘Vol Medierrani School‘ where yearly courses are held:

First contact (tandem flying) Introduction course Mastery learning course

If you are interested in any of our hang gliding courses do not hesitate to contact us.

Tolo Robles has more than 17 years experience piloting and has taken part in numerous national and international competitions apart from this he also has years experience in tandem flying, being an instructor at the ‘Vol Mediterrani School’ he has given different flying courses: first contact, introduction and mastery learning courses.

•‘Vol Mediterrani School’ Instructor  • Hang Gliding Pilot • Competition Pilot       • Tandem Ultralight Pilot   • Paramotor Gliding Pilot

“There is nothing more liberating than jumping in and letting the wind take you away.”