Akrobatischer Flug


Flight duration 20-25 minutes. A surge of adrenalin can be experienced during this flight. The pilot carries out acrobatic manoeuvres:

  • Wing-Overexperience great accelerations and lack of gravity.
  • Barrena feel 4G force (4 times gravity force).
  • S.A.T.Impossible to describe.
  • Transport to and from take off/landing point included.
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20 minute flight. Experience emotions as never before, pure adrenalin.

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Akrobatischer Flug

1 Akrobatischer Flug (150€), 2 akrobatische Flüge (300€)


Fügen Sie spontan Videos hinzu (20€), Keine extras, Video zu den 2 Flügen hinzufügen (40€)


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